Dr Muriel Newman is a founder of the 5 Principle Movement. As the Director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research public policy think tank and a former Member of Parliament, Muriel feels the time is right to harness "people power" to change the shape of politics in New Zealand.

Newsletter 32

Election 2014 What an astounding election result! The biggest winner was National. The biggest losers were Labour, Internet-Mana, Act, and the media. Here are the talking points as we see them, and our thoughts about the future. National’s success. National achieving an election night majority is a remarkable and historic … Continue reading

Newsletter 31

14 September 2014 6 days out It’s going to be close. Three years ago we analysed the accuracy of the poling companies. We found the most reliable to be TVOne Colmar Brunton and Ipredict, and by a long shot. So we decided to see what they were predicting now, and … Continue reading

Newsletter 30

7 September 2014 13 days to go National will be feeling very pleased that it has come through the cyclone of dirty politics largely undamaged, vindicating the PM’s position, that it was all of more interest to the media than the general public.  It is now much less likely that … Continue reading

Newsletter 29

31 August 2014 Collins goes It can’t be said that politics is not interesting! Judith Collins has resigned as a minister. It was the right thing to do, for Judith Collins personally and the National party generally. Both Collins and the PM did well fronting the media. They were straight-up … Continue reading

Newsletter 28

More dirty politics Looking at the headlines of the last week it’s pretty clear it’s the media, not political parties, that are setting the election agenda. The media’s obsession with Dirty Politics means that politics, not policy, has continued to dominate the headlines, with the media searching for new angles and new … Continue reading

Newsletter 27

17 August 2014 Dirty politics Dirty Politics has been the media discourse this week. Initially we thought Nicky Hager’s release was a bit of a fizzer – like a well publicised civic fireworks display that gets rained off. But, those looking to create sensation have managed to give it a … Continue reading

Newsletter 26

10 August 2014 Rabble rousing hate speech It’s personal, and very nasty. Mr Dotcom showed his true ugliness and vitriolic motivations when inciting an orchestrated and now well-publicised “F… John Key” chant at a party rally last week. The Internet Mana Party is using the video clip in its campaign … Continue reading

Newsletter 25

3 August 2014 New Plymouth Mayor at it again New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd is at it again. He is pushing on with his plan to give Maori privileged voting rights on council. In 2011 the council voted against establishing two Maori wards. Earlier this year councillors narrowly voted against … Continue reading

Newsletter 24

27 July 2014 Privilege If there’s one thing that defines kiwi culture it is a sense of equality. Kiwis hate privilege. Be it a minister trying to short-cut an airport security check, or Maori royalty gaining an exemption from criminal prosecution. Anyone who thinks they are above the law or … Continue reading

Newsletter 23

20 July 2014 A war against the Innocent Distressing scenes on television remind us daily of the troubled world we live in. Perhaps it has always been this way – or maybe we are now more connected than we have ever been – but the world seems more troubled now … Continue reading