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The mood for political change is an international phenomenon and New Zealand is not immune from its effects.

New Zealanders are poorly served by their local and central government politicians. New Zealanders deserve better, and are increasingly looking for avenues to reassert their sovereignty. The reality is our politicians of all codes are self-serving, and under MMP they have become less accountable to those they pretend to represent. Under MMP, politicians are in effect appointed by their party – and answerable only to their party bosses. Not only that, but under MMP mainstream parties have to do deals with radical minor parties to get the numbers to govern. National has been hijacked by the Maori Party’s Treaty supremacist agenda while Labour is pandering to the Greens’ environmental extremism was forced into law.

It’s time for a new way. The time is 5PM.

A new movement – 5PM

The 5 Principles Movement is based on 5 fundamental beliefs that we believe unite New Zealanders of all backgrounds. These principles are based on  democracy, equality, freedom, opportunity, and family.

  1. DEMOCRACY is enhanced when our political representatives include private citizens in decisions that affect them and the communities within which they live. We support initiatives that empower citizens’ democracy.
  2. EQUALITY before the law is a fundamental democratic right of all citizens in New Zealand. We oppose any laws which promote discrimination or grant privilege.
  3. FREEDOM is a fundamental human right, and it is the responsibility of our political representatives to promote initiatives that strengthen individual freedom and protect private property rights.
  4. OPPORTUNITY – creating an opportunity society so individuals can better themselves and their family is the key to  a future of shared prosperity.
  5. FAMILY is the foundation of a strong society. Social policy should strengthen families and children independently of the state. Children are a families first priority.

You can read more by clicking the links above. From these principles come the basic 5PM policies. Other policies are formulated through the 5PM Voting Booth process.