Newsletter 22

Newsletter 22 13 July 2014 Judge Philippa Last week we mentioned a judge with poor judgement. We were referring to Judge Philippa Cunningham who discharged the son of the Maori king on charges of burglary, theft and drink driving because a conviction may ruin his chances of succeeding to the … Continue reading

Newsletter 21

Newsletter 21 6 July 2014 The life and times of David It’s been a tortuous week. The nation has had to endure copious media coverage of David Cunliffe evangelising at Labour’s annual conference (what it grandly calls a “Congress”). The good news for the other parties is the polls indicate … Continue reading

Newsletter 20

29 June 2014 Hypocrisy Hypocrisy has been in the news this week. It will come as no surprise that the latest examples involve a local council and environmental activists. It seems the staff at the Auckland Council who want ratepayers to take up public transport, are not all that keen … Continue reading

Newsletter 19

22 June 2014 Knifes sharpened for Cunliffe This week senior Labour Party MPs publicly rallied around their embattled leader in a choreographed show of support. The show of support is, of course, just a façade. Politics is politics. Privately those eying up his job will be sharpening their knives. Taking … Continue reading

Newsletter 18

15 June 2014 The politics of being relevant Last week we mentioned the bureaucratic insanity of the Auckland Council preventing people from scattering ashes in any public place – including beaches and reserves – unless they have written approval from the council or Wahi Tapu Maori Kimiti (a Maori committee … Continue reading

Newsletter 17

8 June 2014 Score: Dotcom 2, John Key 0, John Banks -1 Mr Dotcom has scored two victories. The first, making the Internet Party relevant by forming a coalition with a party with a safe electorate seat. In some ways it was an own goal for National because they rejected … Continue reading

Newsletter 16

1 June 2014 The $3m payoff The quote of the week is from Laila Harre when explaining to TV3’s Nation programme why the Internet Party has joined up with Mana: “This is a principled approach to ensuring that these people who have already shown that they are very interested in … Continue reading

Newsletter 15

5PM opposes all new taxes and is opposed to the capital gains tax being promoted by Labour and the Greens. They say it is targeted at speculators but they don’t say speculative gains on the sale of assets are already taxed. Continue reading

Newsletter 14

18 May 2014 Maori seats on councils Well done to those who are sending a very strong message to those mayors and councillors proposing to give iwi voting rights around the council table. Councils have absolutely no mandate to make such a fundamental change to local democracy without first putting … Continue reading

Newsletter 13

11 May 2014 The mongrel mob Politics is tough and dirty. Telling untruths and monstrous misrepresentations is just part of their trade. This week Labour showed its mongrel when it dragged the Minister of Immigration into their campaign to damage National with ‘donation for access’ allegations. The insinuations of cash … Continue reading