Newsletter 12

More racism within local councils Last week the 5PM poll asked: Do you agree with the New Plymouth District Council Mayor Andrew Judd that “Iwi participation in local government is necessary because they’re our treaty partner”? The poll numbers were the heaviest yet of any 5PM poll – and the mood was … Continue reading

Newsletter 11

28 April 2014 Jones heads for the transit lounge The liquefaction within the Labour Party surfaced again this week with the impending departure of Shane Jones from the Party and Parliament. The public face is one of pleasant well wishing. What’s really going only the insiders would know, but our … Continue reading

Newsletter 10

  Cloud of grievances lifted over South Island It was plaudits all round as the last treaty settlement for the South Island was passed through Parliament this week. The Marlborough Express reports: “Nelson MP Nick Smith said the ‘full and final settlements’ were hugely positive for Nelson and Marlborough, removing … Continue reading

Open Letter to Steven Joyce

20 April 2014 Hon Steven Joyce Parliament Buildings WELLINGTON Dear Minister You recently remarked, “There are definitely some people that aren’t engaged with politics, but to try and divine reasons for that is very challenging, given that they by definition are not engaged, they are not exactly about to tell … Continue reading

Newsletter 9

Scams, schemes, and weasel words  Apart from the Royal Tour, it’s not been a great week for what should be a modern democracy. First the scam – unions Rodney Hide, in this week’s Herald on Sunday column, reveals Parliamentary Services has just settled a new Employment Agreement for all MPs’ … Continue reading

Newsletter 8

People power When commenting on the potential of the Internet Party to reach out to the 800,000 registered voters who didn’t vote at the last election, National Party MP and campaign chairman Steven Joyce said that it’s difficult to know why people become disengaged from politics: “There are definitely some … Continue reading

Newsletter 7

The ideal of individualism “Throughout human history, societies have grappled with fundamental questions of how to organize themselves, the proper relationship between the individual and the state, the best means to resolve inevitable conflicts between states.  And it was here in Europe, through centuries of struggle — through war and … Continue reading

Newsletter 6

Kia Ora Koha $50,000 is not petty cash, and in our view it’s not koha. That’s how much “koha” was paid to a board member of the Kohanga Reo Trust for work “well above the call of duty” on its successful claim to the Waitangi Tribunal (Trust chairman, Derek Fox). … Continue reading

Newsletter 5

16 March 2014 Zero tolerance on gangs “Mauha Huataki Fawcett took part in, or was party to, Mellory Manning’s slaying to earn his gang patch. Members of the Mongrel Mob’s Aotearoa chapter picked up Miss Manning from Christchurch’s red light district on December 18,  2008, as part of a hit over … Continue reading

Newsletter 4

9 March 2014 Media disclosure Last week we asked 5PM supporters: Should members of the media be required to disclose if they are a member of a political party? By Thursday the issue was being discussed in Parliament. Under questioning from MPs TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick said he was … Continue reading