Newsletter 22

Newsletter 22

13 July 2014

Judge Philippa

Last week we mentioned a judge with poor judgement. We were referring to Judge Philippa Cunningham who discharged the son of the Maori king on charges of burglary, theft and drink driving because a conviction may ruin his chances of succeeding to the throne.

Judge Cunningham said, “There’s only two sons and in my view it’s important that the king at the appropriate time has the widest possible choice of a successor and it’s important for Mr Paki, as one of those two sons, to have the potential to be a successor in time.”

We asked 5pm supporters whether they thought Judge Cunningham was right to discharge Korotangi Paki without conviction so as to not affect his chances of succeeding his father as Maori King.

The poll attracted the heaviest vote yet. 99% of you said no!

Comments included:

“The decision is a tragedy and should never have been considered. No one else would get similar treatment for such serious offences. It means that there is one law for one group and another for the rest of us. A highly divisive judgment.” Brian

“A travesty of both justice and equality. Since when have Maori been above the law?” Alan

“Another liberal activist judge making a mockery of all citizens being equal before the law.” Lee

All poll comments have been attached to the bottom of this newsletter – scroll down to view.

During the week Jock Anderson, writing in the NZ Herald, revealed more about Judge Cunningham. He detailed four cases (four “strikes”), including the one we referred to, where the judge’s decisions have been brought into question. (To read the full article click HERE)

We called for Judge Cunningham to be sacked.

The accountability of our judges has been an ongoing debate for many years – and one our politicians are not prepared to address.

In 2005 Garth McVicar from the Sensible Sentencing Trust said, “When you start to monitor judges like we do, you get a small number of judges who consistently get it wrong…There was no corrective mechanism put in place as far as correcting the judiciary. I think they have become more liberal as they have become more authoritarian in their own arena.” He described judges as “like the royal family and untouchable”.

While we agree judges are in effect, unaccountable to the public, and untouchable, the more important concern is that we have “liberal” judges, like Judge Cunningham, who fail to have regard to public sentiment in their sentencing.

In 2005 Stephen Franks wrote on the topic of the public appointing or removing “political” judges. He said, “Most thoughtful commentators reject voting judges in. Democracy leaves them beholden to their supporters. Nor is it good at selecting the best candidates. On the other hand democracy is very good at voting out people who have outstayed their welcome.”

Stephen makes a very good point. Electing judges is a step too far, but giving the public the right to remove judges makes sense. We think it’s time to abandon the born-to-rule untouchable status of our judiciary. They are not Gods and should not be treated as such. In a democracy the public should be the highest authority and should able to send a message to judges when they get it wrong.

We are asking for your views.

Binding referendum policy benefits Conservatives

The Conservative Party is $500,000 better off as a result of their policy on binding referendum. The donation has been made by a Hamilton couple who said their primary motivation was supporting binding referendum, although dissatisfaction with MMP and the donation Dotcom has made to the Internet Mana Party also appear to be motivating factors. Great to see support for a worthwhile policy.

The Conservative Party policy on referendum is that it would be binding if two-thirds support the proposition. To view 5PMs policy click HERE.

We hope that this and Treaty issues will be a major election plank for the Conservatives and other parties this election.

5PM Poll

This week’s poll asks: Do you believe, in principle, that there should be a legal mechanism allowing the public to seek the removal of judges?

If you would like to suggest what format the mechanism should take, please send us the details using our comments form HERE

5PM Voting Booth

Voting on the four current policy proposals has now closed. Here are the results.

1. “That MMP be abolished and replaced with First Past the Post.”

For: 85%          Against: 15%

The proposition has therefore been adopted as 5PM policy.

Comments for the proposition include:

  • “MMP is a dreadful system. Not fair at all for the majority voter. Yet it is the majority vote that should have the say for important issues.” Roy
  • “MMP is not delivering what it promised, it is a Trojan horse!” Linc

Comments against include:

  • “Absolutely not. It would be a step back for democracy. But changes to MMP can be considered.” Jos
  • “I never had a vote when first past the post was in. I always voted for a minor party and they were swamped by the major parties.” Tony

2. “That Section 19ZB of the Local Electoral Act 2001 be amended to include the public’s right to demand a binding poll where a council is proposing to grant voting rights to unelected representatives.”

For: 98%          Against: 2%

The proposition has therefore been adopted as 5PM policy.

Comments for the proposition include:

  • “Unelected reps should NOT have any votes!” Les
  • Essential! Unelected people have no place in local or central government!” High

3. “That a NOTA (none of the above) voting option be included on ballot papers in local and central government elections, with the effect that should NOTA gain the most votes, the election nominations would be re-opened and another election held.”

For: 95%          Against: 5%

The proposition has therefore been adopted as 5PM policy.

Comments for the proposition include:

  • “This provides a workable way to express that which cannot be expressed by invalidating a voting paper.” Rob
  • “Very good idea, but unlikely to be adopted. The usual excuse will be (too hard).” Bill

4. “That foreign entities and foreigners (individuals who are neither New Zealand citizens nor permanent residents) be taxed 10% of the value of NZ property purchases with the funds raised being offered as low interest loans to NZ resident first home buyers.”

For: 68%          Against: 32%  The proposition has therefore been adopted as 5PM policy.

There were a wide range of views on this topic. Some opposed the proposition because they wanted a total ban foreign ownership of land, while those who supported the idea had differing views on the tax rate, which ranged from 5% to 20%.

Comments for the proposition include:

  • “Measures need to be taken to prevent foreign entities and foreigners from buying land in New Zealand unless they are permanent residents and then the 10% tax should be levied.” Bev
  • “This proposal does not go far enough. The current global low interest rate environment and the quantitative easing programs of many countries central banks  coupled with a real estate bubble in China is providing the richest people on the planet with virtually unlimited amounts of almost cost free capital with which to speculate with in any country that is stupid enough to allow them to. This speculation in real estate is happening in most of the gateway cities in the Western world.” Peter

Comments against include:

  • “No foreigner should ever own New Zealand land! Very few countries in the world allow foreign ownership of land! Many countries allow purchase of a business with lease of land only, while many allow ownership of land and business up to 49% only.” Graeme
  • “Discriminatory tax causes rifts and division. I support the principles of the Australian regime and believe it should be introduced here. May be allow conditional lease only of land to foreigners who are NZ law abiding and have no criminal convictions here or offshore.” Stan

If you have a 5PM policy proposal you would like to suggest, please click HERE.

The 5PM Facebook Page

Please don’t forget to visit our 5PM Facebook page HERE if you would like to share ideas and get those concerns off your chest!

And finally, please don’t forget to help us spread the message about 5PM! Our policies of equal rights, binding referenda and all the rest, would have a very positive impact on the future of New Zealand. You can see all of the 5PM policies HERE.

Frank and Muriel Newman

P.S. Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to others!


Last week’s poll asked:  Do you think Judge Cunningham was right to discharge Korotangi Paki without conviction so as to not affect his chances of succeeding his father as Maori King?

Readers’ comments are here:

Should be treated like anybody else !! Ian
Sack the judge jd
The judge was entirely wrong in principle. But whoever mixes principles with politics? John
The young man had previous form. He had been dropped from being leader of his Haka Group for misbehaviour in Whangarae. He also is an unmarried father at the age of 19. He obviously had not been properly disciplined by his parents, teachers or tribe. Brian
All NZ Citizens should be treated equally regardless of Race or Status in life. If a Citizen breaks the Law of the Land then the law & penalty should apply to all , unless insanity is a key factor. Kevin
I know they sometimes treat others unequally as well. But everyone should be equal under the law. In this case racism was the cause of inequality. James
Sets very bad example and negates principles of justice. Judge needs to apologise and admit it was wrong decision ! Mel
Sack the judge. dona
Definitely sends a wrong message to all our youth = Not what you do but who you are related to ???? June
If by his actions he proves unfit for the role., he is, simply put unfit. His older brother is first in line and seems adequately suited for the purpose anyway. Barry
he made mistakes and should be punished no matter what his status kathy
PC at its worst Allan
This guy is a vicious dishonest thug and for the sake of Maori should have no succession chances. I would like to hear what ‘Daddy’ has to say! Bevin
Same rule for all….. Peter
The decision is a tragedy and should never have been considered. No one else would get similar treatment for such serious offences. It means that there is one law for one group and another for the rest of us. – A highly divisive judgment. Brian
If one does not admit to a problem which is probably alcohol abuse in Paki’s case, then treatment and healing cannot take place. A conviction with legal consequences is the first thing that needs to take place so he can develop a sense of responsibility. Monica
Her “LOGIC” is seriously flawed. The Law is the Law and must be applied irrespective of who or what the offender might be. She could well be charged with bringing the Justice system into disrepute. Lets hope Crown Law moves quickly and appeals the decision. John
In this instance the Judge was inconsistent with the law as it stands for every-one. So in this instance he, the Judge, was racist. The Judge was just as wrong as the perpetrator. Brian
Another example of one law for Maori and another law for the rest of us Albie
Well yes and no. By his looks he don’t look too smart to me,, maybe a stretch in jail might smarten him up a tad. Sam
We are taught that every one was created equal in the eyes of God, unless of course you are Maori and you have more rights and privileges than the rest of us. And if your father is important, you are put on a pedestal and worshiped as you can do no wrong. Sylvia
Most definitely not – think of the uproar if it was not a Maori. ALL NZs are equal. Deborah
He should have been sentenced as anyone else would have been not have his status get him off. He should not even now be in line to be king. He should have a police record now. Coralie
this is double standards graeme
He has just discovered that he can get away with crime because of position. john
In order for people to become good citizens within society they must learn that consequences exist for the breaking laws which govern us. Children should be given rules to obey and when they push the boundaries there are consequences by way of punishment. Fred
If there was sufficient evidence to bring a case to court, he should have been treated like any other citizen of NZ. If he had been convicted in our court and then his Father or his people found him unacceptable to reign, that would simply be a normal consequence. lisa
This is the worst example of showing that we have one law for Maoris and another for everyone else! Robert
He is only second in line anyway but surely the law applies to all. mike
Not only that objection. But his” Royal ” father and all of Maoridom should have stated publicly he would/should never succeed his father to preside over his realm beyond what Bob Jones describes as his letter box. David Stevenson
The Maori King is a non-entity and the son’s crimes make him unsuitable for any public position in or out of NZ Laurie
Maori is not an excuse to break the law but some think it is edward
One step closer to having a rule of Law for Maori and one for the rest of New Zealanders Dave
Question is who did judge Cunningham receive orders from because no one in their right mind would have discharged an unrepentant criminal like that. Neil
A crime is a crime no matter who commits it and NOBODY should be immune from the Justice system. Alan
He is no different than any other NZ ‘r and should suffer the consequences. We are all equal and this is another form of separatism that we are being succumbed too. William R
And so he should. Arthur
I’m really scared when I see that sort of nonsense. Peter
this judge needs to go Ian
Justice is for all the people. Korotangi Paki made the call he must live by it!!. Donald
It only adds to the view of many persons that there are a rule for the rich, maori and the connected, then there are the rest of us. Judges are not serving the community as the people of NZ want. I hope the Crown appeal the decision. Max
This is not only racist but also elitest. Just wrong. Offences took place over time and place – not spur of the moment. Has previous record. Jan
He and his co-offenders should have been sentenced as anybody else would have been. I am sure the victims in these offences would not feel justice had been served. Carolyn
Racism! Ann
Paki is a citizen of New Zealand and therefore, subject to all New Zealand laws. Nigel
one law for all . A totally false royaltyset up this king movement was abandoned in the late 1800s.absolute BS John
He will do the same thing again and expect to get off…he already has a record! What a joke this Judge (Judy)!! Cunningham. Dianne
A totally racist decision. Diane
Sets a very dangerous precedent Tony
Wha happened to “one law for all” david
This is separatism at it’s worst and being made like that through the juditiary Murray
This is tainted by racism. Our Country has one law applicable to all irrespective of race, color or creed. It is a very sad precedent that this decision sets. Ian
I believe the reason the charges were dropped are the issue not the fact they were dropped. Carol
He is a thief and should be convicted as anyone else would be. Julia
What about his next offence and the next.This guy will think he has immunity now. What a joke. Imagine if it was the other way round, what an uproar there would be. John
NO WAY!!! Vanessa
We are getting use to one law for New Zealanders and another for Maori. No conviction for theft or drunk driving is acceptable as it is the norm for Maori. The Judge is just endorsing it. Ron
why shouldn’t he be treated the same as anyone else who did the same crime? His actions don’t make him a good example for his tribe either – future king or not. Rosemary
I can see his point, but it is still not valid. There MUST be one rule for all. David
What a waste of the Courts time. Wouldn’t happen to you or me (non-maoris) Rampant racism. And he is only second in line – does make the whole male line immune to prosecution? john
Just because he is the Maori King’s son, he should not be treated differently from anyone else. A crime is a crime, no matter who the offender is. It seems like’ one rule for them and another for us!”
I don’t think reading about this young man that he has the qualities to be a Maori leader. He should have been prosecuted for his latest escapade and not let off without a penalty . Jan
One Law for All George
ONE LAW FOR ALL !!!! Williebrord
he is a lout and needs disciplining George
One law for Maori, one other law for the rest of us! Judge Cunningham should be sacked! And immediately before she has any more chance to destroy what little natural justice we have left. What a joke we must appear to other countries!!! Bruce
A Double Justice System. The recent decision on the Maori King son’s case by Judge Philippa Cunningham, exposed what has become evident for some considerable time, that in effect, we have two systems of justice becoming the norm. Brian
We have ONE law, which should equally apply to ALL New Zealanders. No favouritism please. Cornelis
Judge Cunningham was sworn in, to ensure justice was carried out without bias or favour to all in her Court. She has shown that she is incapable of doing so, as has been shown on this maori issue, recently! She should be immediately stood down, & remo Michael
Dover Samuels got it right this time! Robert
He did the crime so he should pay the consequences. Maori seem to escape justice George
Has to be last chance! Ian
I really cant beleive that that would happen in New Zealand and in the world of things the Father is a small fish in a big pond and the judge in my eyes is even smaller. PAULINE
The Judge needs to have her employment terminated. Paki is a low life scum bag. NZ law needs to wake and realise that pieces of crap like Paki destroy dozens, if not 100s of lives, and as an ex prison officer, I know from experience. Des.
Should be NO special privileges for Maori. ONE LAW for all. Don.N
Everyone deserves a second chance. Jane
young-ish people have to understand that there are consequences to every act; Mr Paki should have been taught that from a very early age. It would seem that his parents did not firmly teach their son this given. Isabel
He should never be king anyway david
The treatment of his co-offenders meant that it was difficult to convict Paki on the same offences. The judiciary are badly out of touch with social reality. richard
When other people commit crimes, judges do not take into consideration their personal situations so why are we doing this for this guy? He knew burglary and drink driving was against the law and now the judge is telling him it’s ok to commit crimes! Melanie
No one is above the law. Lesson learnt – not. Chris
Everyone is subjected to the same laws in this country. I would like to know if that theory was upheld in this case ? gary
The laws should be applied to everyone the same – regardless of race or privilege. Gillian
Why should he et preferential treatment/ He did a crime and has shown he has NO respect. He is the youngest of the Kings family so the chances of him becoming King is improbable. He is using his status to get off what others have to pay the pricde for Mor Marylin
How weak is that judge! What a classic case of racial privilege. That criminal thug should man up and take his punishment. Why wasn’t ‘undies Morgan’ there to guide him out of trouble if he is in line to the throne. he’s a little ratbag. PETER
who needs a future maori king that is a thief, a thug and a drunk! Maybe it wouldn’t bother Maoridom as the King doesn’t seem to do much for Maori anyway mike
Any other would have been convict for what he had done. Is there one Law for Maori now. If so that puts them above the Law. There are problems here. Robert
There is one law for all, and the fact that Paki had previous convictions makes this judgement even more inappropriate. john
Paki’s warning should have been in his previous bahaviour. His progression into dishonesty criminal offending should have resulted in a conviction at least. Two similarities here – a kid and a Judge who can’t see the wood from the trees. Terry
one law, one people is supposedly the basis for our legal system, however it would seem yet another judge has interpreted the law as they saw fit…. Duh John
The rule of law is damaged by this decision and should be repealed. One law for all or none at all. mike
Obviously from a disfunctional family .Fancy a KIng having nom control over his son ??? David
He did the crime – so he should do the time – maybe a suspended sentence of some sort. And why do we continue using the term “Maori King”. He is the Paramount Chief of one particular tribe, NOT the king of the Maori. Geoffrey
All persons should be treated equal – NO racial advantages. Gary
All New Zealanders are equal in the sight of the law. Helen
Where is the one vote promise we have been promised for many years . Malcolm
n z justice no no no ! ! ! patrick
The law should be applied consistently. The boy should man-up and accept responsibility if he wants respect in the future. Michael
A travesty of both justice and equality. Since when have Maori been above the law? Alan Vaughan
You might expect this sort of thing in the Middle East. Keith
One law for all Gloria
This is blatantly unfair and unethical. One law for one group and another law to cover another group. A judge should be totally fair. This does not allow for much confidence in the impartiality of the legal system. eira
second son with criminal record unlikely to succeed in any event john
one rule for all New Zealanders Tony
What are the Judiciary thinking about. The law is the LAW. Lynn
Decision based on Race !!! David
this is reverse racism at it’s worst.
One law for all, if it had been an aberation and not his third offence, maybe. Bev
No special treatment pt
One law for all! Noel
This judge should be dismissed from her position or at least very severely reprimanded and the case should go back to court. Digby
He did the crimes, he should do the time. Just like any one else. Don
if it had been any other person maori or otherwise they would have had a conviction and most likely a prison sentence,so nz is now really on the road of them and us and corruption is alive and well in nz,must look up to see who I’m related to just in case Richard
I thought we are all equal in the eyes of the law Ken
I am appalled at the lack of impartiality in this judgement. Since when should a judge make subjective calls on the criminal’s future as being more important than the crimes? This judge has a history of subjectivity and being corrected by higher legal pe Susan
I don’t disagree with the discharge on the theft/ burglary charges but to avoid the drink drive conviction is beyond explanation. To try and justify it on a regal basis is beyond comprehension. Grant
He was never going to be king anyhow. What a joke! David
maorifying our legal system to the tribalism system of marae justice is not the New Zealand I was born into. Who you are and may become has no bearing on right and wrong. It appears the similar let offs for his cohorts may have been a precluding set up… bob
Burglary is not a random spur of the moment, drunk and high spirited action. These crimes were premeditated and calculated, this individual is showing his true colours and they look like a back patch Campbell
One law for all. Judge Cunningham should be sacked immediately. Korotangi Paki should be retried and given the appropriate punishment. Simple as that, get on with it. Gary
Ugh !! Gary
One law for all….. I expect the next drunk driver and burglar to get the same treatment “Yeah Right” might if he’s a bro. George
He should not be above the law, and now it seems that he was not even considered for succession at all. Total farce, the Judge should be disbarred…. Erin
More Apartheid at work Brian
This is sending the wrong message to the public. He should been convicted just like anyone else that commits crimanil offences john
No one is above the law. Bob
Rights and privilege require responsibility. who is teaching this boy what is essential for a high position? Sylvia
He committed criminal offences, he should pay his debt. A lot of friends of mine feel the same way (including Maori). Please bear in mind that the Maori King is not the king of all Maori – only of his tribe. Steve
Very poor decision from Judge,this will set a bad example John
A HUGE NO. barry
Since the count appearance more negative information has come to light in respective to Paki. He is not worth of holding the position. John
I do not support any form of separatism for Maori. Maori seats should go and ACC Maori Committee should be disbanded David
Didn’t we all make some mistakes when young ! Worsnop B M
All this achieves is the influential Maori , have a different set of rules apply to them. If your a Maori Prince, please by all means go and Burglarise homes steal, do drugs, and commit car offenses all done while on bail ,…This guy is a bad egg , I hav chris
Absolutely pathetic how our judges now ignore what they were appointed to do and are so politically correct! Rayward
I don’t think because he is in line to be a maori king he should not get special treatment. They should be treated the same as everybody else. No exclusions allowed. jenny
When will he learn if always given the soft touch. Kathryn
The second Maori Kingite King, Tawhiao, surrendered himself and his title by laying down his arms and the arms of his tribe at the feet of Queen Victoria’s representative, Major Mair, and accepted the Queen’s pension; here ending the Maori Kingite title George
It sets a bad precedent, he is a New Zealander first and foremost and should not be exempt from the law. Patricia
Another liberal activist judge making a mockery of all citizens being equal before the law. Lee
Inspiring Character! Rob
Wrong on so many counts BUT of particular concern and least talked about is the escalation of the erosion of racial harmony, tolerance and respect. Show many another guilty drink driver 5 x the limit with NO conviction, coupled with burglary. Murray
One law for all. Bill
The law needs to be applied equally to all New Zealanders. Ray
he broke the law big time , his older brother will succeed before him convict him the same as any other citizen, he wont be a good example to the rest of our indigenous people graeme
He should be charged as would any other ordinary citizen. shirley
First offence maybe but this guy is a loser. Grant
no drink drive should be let off Russell
20 strokes of the Cat O Nine tails would have been more appropriate. It is time we the people choose judges to idiot MP’s. It is time we stopped pussy footing with these stone age savages. Robert
Racism is now out of control in NZ. Get ready for it…..the worst is yet to come. The public have sat back and let it happen and now the chickens are coming home to roost and continue ripping the people of NZ off and do as they please… Chris
Remove other peoples property and be DUI in Northland and you look at staying in Ngawha for a few days Peter
This is disgraceful – the man is a criminal and arrogant to say the least and not fit to succeed the throne in any case. He should be dealt with by the law as an ordinary citizen would be. Bruce
He needed to be treated like any other citizen of this country. And of what relevance is the Maori King to NZ? Catherine
In this case the answer is definitely rule for all citizens.if this had been a minor offense my answer would have been yes to second chance.but this learner driver was overtwice the legal limit for alcohol.also his burglary and theft were committed Maurice plimmer
What kind of justice is this and what kind of message is it giving to other law breakers, Paki’s future roll shouldn’t come into it, he should have thought of that before he committed the crimes, what kind of future King and role model will he be? Margaret
Utterly disgusting,,, sends the wrong message to youth! Beryl
Wrong, wrong, wrong! Les
One law for all! Greg
this also happens to people that are famous sports or film people so they will be able to travel overseas I think it is wrong everyone should be judged the same if one of my family was before the courts do you think the Judge would give them the same … Cherryl
a mockery of justice, some are above the law!? paul
Does a criminal make a good king ? Robin
This is not right. It appears from the news he is a criminal. If that is the case he should be convicted like any other person. Peter
No Ron
racial prejudicious !! Isa
he was not forced to offend HE MADE THE CHOICE therefore he must suffer the consequence = the only way that he will learn self responsibility Adrienne
I believe the specific reason for discharge was flawed. There appears to be no documentary historical evidence to back up the alleged the so called claim of no inheritance. Graeme
A Maori king is contrary to article 1 of the Treaty of Waitangi Bruce
This is the kind of discrimination that was so abhorred by the anti-apartheid movement at the time South Africa was under minority rule. He is either guilty or not so there should be no discussion around what his future as Maori King will be. Alan
Perhaps the boy should have thought of the consequences before acting. It is time that people, judges included, took responsibility for their actions. Tony
Definitely no discharge in the circumstances. A first offence there might be some further reason to consider a discharge but then he was on bail for other offences as I understand. Kevin
One law for all and that’s the bottom line! The judge should now be convicted for that call.. Gene
This the worst example of cultural divisions in NZ society. It is appalling such a decision could be made by the judiciary in a modern democracy. Dave
one ring to rule them all kevin
Drink driving is a very serious offence and shame on the Judge to give such a negative decision. The said offender has learnt nothing from his offence and the Police should have appealed the decision. Rose
One of the things that acts as a deterrent to most thinking people is the consequence of their actions. What consequence will this young criminal have to deter him in future. The judge has done him more harm than good and the decision was racist. Shelley
we,re supposed to be equal in this country are we not? ross
racist brett
Another example of cultural cringe and the privileges given to Maoris. Paki should face up to his responsibilities. No wonder there are so many Maoris in our prisons. Chris
One law for all citizens please! Outlaw apartheid! Mark
one rule for all claire
The law isn’t meant to look at your race or status -just simply what happened and what the law says. Paul
One law for all. Not one for the rich and one for the rest. Chris
How can he get off those crimes and I went to court and got a conviction for having 1 scallop 1mm undersize. Really that is just ridiculous and a total disgrace to justice. Unfortunately it is not uncommon in our justice system today. Treacy
The same often happens with prominent rugby players – don’t want to spoil their opportunity to travel overseas with the All Blacks. Sad day for those charged with similar offences who get the book thrown at them Liz
Equality should be paramount in New Zealand !!! Chris
Status and position is NOT a reason upon which true justice can be reached. Helen
Shocking precedent and she has a record of this type of inappropriate leniency as Pat Booth has pointed out Colleen
One law for all Paddy
laws should be the same for all regardless of their “Status” Dave
what planet is judge Cunningham from? les
Firstly, he DID commit and was found guilty of these offences therefore he should DEFINITELY have been convicted! As should the other offenders. Secondly, as reported in the New Zealand Herald, he is NOT in line to succeed his father, his older brother is! Fay
one law for all. maureen
Pure racial exhuberance…One people judgement> I think not..stop this racial anarchy before it gets totally out of control,,radio,TV and all other biased racial presentations…One law for all. IAN
This young man will be justified in thinking that society’s rules will never apply to him, in his privileged position. Annie
One law for all and the sooner the better! Judith
Same laws for all. Do the crime you do the time. Kiwi racism against pakeha John
One law for all. If I was pleading guilty to burglary I would now expect my defence would be that it might affect my future if I am not discharged. My future is much more fragile than the son of the Maori king. I don’t have the privileges of his birth right. Tony
Paki is already doing a fine job of wrecking his chances of succession. Things like this just help it along the way. The judge was wrong. Megan
He did the Crimes he should do the time ! time Judges pulled the heads out of the sand & made people accountable for there actions Neville
The little sod is a criminal and should be sentences as such. I am 100% sick and tired of this Maori rubbish being pushed by Judges. The Treaty of Waitangi was a surrender document – nothing more nothing less lest treat it that way and move on. Norm
the law should be respected: he is not fit anyway to be anything, a looser with no brains as proven by his comments on his face book. mihaela
it appears there is one law for Maoris and one for Europeans. David
I’m very wary of people making knee jerk reactions to judgments in court, and I believe many outcomes that look wrong are reasonable when studied more closely. But in this case, the judge badly MIS-judged Maori reaction… Gavin
Definitely not, we are all supposed to be treated equally!! John
Why am I not surprised ??/? alan
So called Maori succession is absolutely no excuse….you break the rules, you pay the price. Interesting precedent though.. Peter
This is just another example of different laws for different ethnic groups. Tony
This is just another example of racism. I await the next episode of this chaps wrong doing and whether he will get the wet bus ticket treatment again. Derek
No conviction, a clean record & a future maori King – doesn’t say a lot for the integrity of maori royalty!! Laurie
A life without logical consequences leads to chaos for the individual and his community. Melody
It’s like having diplomatic immunity! He’ll probably offend again if he thinks he can get away with it. tony
His future position should have no baring on the sentence. If he was so worried about his future role, he shouldn’t be hanging out with thugs committing crime. Simple as that. Brent
One of the most basic principles of democracy is the equal treatment of all under the law, without fear or favour. This discharge seriously undermines that principle. John
Absolutely disgusting, we all know that the media would have crucified the person and their family had it been a white politician’s kid, but because he’s Maori he gets away with it. Racism at its worst, anyway Maori were never a united race… Stevo
The Maori cringe should have no place in our judicial system. John
I am sickened by that decision Rob
He was charges with drink driving and the other offences how does it stack up with the other two. it now has set a precedent watch this space. Grant
What an idiot Judge. This rebel boy will never learn respect for anything. Ross & Lee
absolutely not. barbara
His chances of succeeding as king should not be based on whether he has no conviction, but on whether he is an honourable person. An honourable person admits to his wrongs and takes the consequences. Hilary
Serious error of judgement Christopher
well if it was me that committed the crime they would lock me up, should be one law for all. Kevin
No way what the hell is. A maori king for anyway John
Sack her now! What racist crap Peter
Ms Cunningham is clearly deranged. She has to be to make such a patently racist, elitist judgement. Note: Not that I believe that maori “royalty” are, in any shape or form, elite or regal.They aren’t – either elite or regal – just laughable. Auntie Podes
Yes as Korotangi Paki has all the attributes to be the perfect Maori king. Athol
Judge Cunningham has sent the wrong message to all would be lawbrakers by discharging Korotangi Paki, no-one should be exempt from the law, if you do the crime you should be prepared to do the time (in prison). Frank
There was no basis for not prosecuting.. None what so ever. Eddie
Clearly shows there is not one law for all. No one has commented on the fact that, unlike most other people… he actually had a QC defending him. That in itself speaks of an obscenity… a kid who was not going to be made to take responsibility for his actions… Vivienne
Spin it any way you like, it is discrimination. All should be equal before the law! Allan
Incompetent judge like this with more than 1 strike should be sacked immediately John
I believe the judge needs to be questioned for competence. While there is some right in assessing the punishment is extreme for the crime. The minor possibility that Paki will succeed his father means the punishment is not extreme. Murray
This is offensive. It makes a mockery of the Justice System. And I whole heartedly agree that she should step down from her position. She is not of fit mind. Sheena
His crimes have nothing to do with his heritage. Barry
His mates had already been discharged. So surely we must take it that the evidence was not good enough to convict? The rest is just media hype surely? If anyone knows why the others were discharged, be good to see that. Hugh
No its race preference however if Maori want a rotter included in those to choose a king from let them go right ahead. Restorative justice does have a place to help realign people caught in illegal behaviour but equal treatment and convictions must be demanded… Stan
Korotangi Paki is, in effect, royalty in the eyes of some New Zealanders even if it is a different “Crown” to the British one. Can the family of Royals be prosecuted? Certainly Queen Elizabeth can’t… Mike
First child, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. Just where does the judge think it would stop? Crazy. Wayne
There is a push throughout N.Z. at present for a ” one law for all” and the judge`s decision is the complete opposite to this movement. There should be an appeal. Robert.
Justice should be the same for everyone This is racial discrimination in reverse! fraser
This is a very bad decision which reflects on equal rights for all NZ citizens. This decision should be changed to guilty and the Judge sacked. Robert
He’s not guilty of just a rowdy night out with the boys. He’s a young criminal in the making and deserves the full force of the law colin
Someone in Paki’s position should be more accountable for his actions, not less, & any sentence given should serve as an example to others. A real king would understand & support this. If this thug is the future of maori “royalty” the Guy
When will we stop this nonsense now that the law is involved in a civil case. lance
NO!! He is a recidivist young criminal, and given his background, he has no excuse whatsoever. This discharge without conviction will only confirm his belief that he is untouchable. Peter
Its Madness! David
ridiculous, a criminal as King? go Maoris! gerhard
Sack the stupid lady along with the attorney general Brian
Yet another example of RACIST moari APARTHEID (moari are given preferential treatment because they claim to be moari). Paki CHOSE to steal and drive drunk. If the outcome of his CHOICE is that he cannot be crowned, so be it. It’s called [personal] ACCOUNTABILITY! Mark
Guiding principal for Judicial proceedings is to administer justice “according to law”, the sentence this particular case failed to do so. Jim
appalling lack of judgement! the solicitor-general should step in. mike
Judge Cunningham should be barred from courts. Bill
its just this sort of soft approach that causes Maori to play up more !! Roy
One law for all? Apparently not. Obviously it IS about who you know. bet the Maori King is pleased – I wonder how his “subjects” feel? The Crown absolutely has to appeal, or we may as well not bother with a legal system. Andy
This has set a shocking precedent. Dover Samuels was right when he said this youth should have been convicted and imprisoned no matter what his background. Rog
No one is above the law and this son 0f the Maori King should be punished just like any other person convicted of the same crimes. He should have thought about the consequences before doing what he did. Colin
There is too much of the “Because” dished out in NZ by the judiciary – and the police. Other cases in mind Hutton over the Arthur Allen case, and Pope over the Scott Watson one! Alan
I think Judge Cunningham would be better employed picking up litter from the roadside where there is not too much thought involved.` terry
Shoot that judge Jason
Next they will be discharging the ones that kill their children. Lee
One law for all Paki is the son of the Tainui and affiliated Tribes King. There is no “Maori King” Roger
I would have thought he’d lost his chance of succession when considering past and present behaviour. Walnetta
This is blatant discrimination!!! Also, the purpose of a successor being required to have a clean record is no doubt to ensure an honest and just King is selected, this is made null and void by Judge Cunningham’s verdict! Linc
Even without a legal conviction Paki still committed those crimes so is unfit for kingship Jan
PC madness. This person should be disbarred. Peter
No matter who they are or what position they hold, no person who has committed a crime should be treated differently to others. hey should have considered these things before breaking the law. JOHN
Absolute DISGRACE Michael
She should have her “warrant” or whatever it is called revoked ONE LAW FOR ALL Harry
A judge who lacks judgement totally! Alan
It’s supposed to be one law for all but obviously not in this case. Once again racism wins. Keith
To be worthy as a future King he has to show his true character and he should be responsible for his actions and face any adverse consequences for any bad behaviour! Theodorus
This Judge should be removed immediately from office. All people are equal under the law Rod
Parentage and future prospects should play no part in the administration of justice. All must be equal before the law. Judge Cunningham has completely lost the plot. Victor
Mr Keys promised us one country one people in other words everyone should be treated alike and that also means no guarantee seats on anything by race. But then he did not mean it either… Pat
Difficult phrasing of your question CCCCC
Everyone should be treated equally under the Judicial process. This is not Sensible sentencing. David
Will this decision create a precedent in law for others ? Whoever is the watchdog of judges should be assembling the firing squad for Cunningham. Blatant racism at its worst !!!! Bruce
This judge’s decision is a political one, rather than an administration of justice. As such, it is utterly unacceptable, and must be appealed. Graham
ABSOLUTELY NO! It is a precedence to the children of every maori chief, which is the reality of the self titled maori king. Martin
One law for all! Kevan
Would the judge be this lenient if the offender was a young working class Maori? This sets a ludicrous precedent of untouchability for Maori nobility and is such a glaring double standard it leaves me wondering if the judge was drunk? Mark
we are equal under the law Tony
definitely NO. she must be a sick person. unless she was directed by some higher power. john
For a start there is no such thing as a maori king, he is king of the tainui [Waikato’s). The garbage that Tukurangi Morgan quoted as to why he should not have been convicted should be a warning for all… Owen
I am sick of Maori getting preferential treatment. This case is just so wrong. William
This so called judge needs to find another occupation……..maybe as a clerk at the Waitangi Tribunal. Ronmac
I think they should throw the judge into the cell next to prince paki. pepper
Gibberish. Ian
The judge was apparently unaware that any new Maori king does not have to have familial ties with the incumbent. The trial was a setup, preceded by the acquittal without conviction of 3 accomplices… Mitch
Blatant racism and as it was endorsed by Ranginui Walker its even worse! Roger
Emphatically “No”. The presiding judge in summing up left the impression that her decision to impose a “no conviction” order was influenced by race. Colin
Who would want this person in that position…he should have known/been brought up as royal if that is what he is…and that is another story..He is not a royal person, just a little shit who thinks he can do what he wants… Raewyn
He is one spoilt boy and its time he grew up and was responsible for his actions Colin
I would have thought being convicted of burglary, theft and drunk driving would have enhanced Korotangi’s chances of eventually becoming Maori king, especially if the person he stole from happened to be of European extraction… Scott
Outrageous and ill informed. Phil
Absolutely NO. It’s a no brainer giving as we are now getting used to : Maori have special privileges over all other New Zealanders. As Dover Samuels reported, there was a young person from the North who had done less but got a prison sentence…, Audrey
Should be One Law for ALL People. Cannot believe the PC blinkers supposedly intelligent people have . . . that they’re in position of ‘power’ appalls me. ‘We’ should be ashamed at the country our children will inherit. Carol
Disgraceful. peter
racism and privilege – this country has a Head of State , Queen Elizabeth of New Zealand. Anyone else is a ‘pretender’ no matter who they think they represent. One law for all. Frank
I for one am sick and tired of there being 2 sets of rules in nz I thought we were one people all New Zealanders governed by one set of rules BILL
Unfortunately far too many in the judiciary, education and social services are liberals and are unable to make decisions which follow constitutional correctness, accurate,, require courage and uphold correct what decent living people expect. John Sandford
1law4all! David Young
Same justice to and for all citizens. Graeme
This was totally the wrong decision..this judge needs to be stood down.He’s been in trouble many times before and now will definitely not stop as there are no consequences. One law for all. Lynda
He shouldn’t be ‘king’ anyway. Maynard
He was already out on bail for another offence and obviously hadn’t learned his lesson. The Maori King is only a mythical symbol and has no general standing. Helen
All are the same under the law regardless of position in life! Elsie
SST is posting details of an independent (from SST) petition to the PM asking him to sent that offending Maori delinquent back to Court. Simply email the PM to this effect; Graeme
The judgement smacks of privilege, and New Racism; the judge should be shown the door. Ron
This case is the perfect example of racial preferential treatment and strangely effected by a European pandering to a Maori sympathy plea. When the ruling authorities cow-tail to the manipulations of a lesser power, it is obvious who actually controls the David
Law is the same for everyone, no exception Temanea
Judge Cunningham is definitely wrong in setting such a precedent for how the Maori King’s family is treated by our legal system. If Korotangi isn’t fit to be the Maori King he should not be the Maori King… Peter
…..the bloody’ corruption that the Legal system exhibits is a total disgrace…!!!! Christopher
It’s a deplorable ruling. Howard
It was absolutely ridiculous, and shows what a useless Judge she is. Paki is only of importance to Tainui maori, how are they going to get him out of the next brush with the law? Lorraine
This judge is clearly overworked – her judgement has gone.She should be granted 50 years leave as from tomorrow morning. David
Pure bloody idiocy ! Joseph
It is a disgrace he should be given a let-off for being the son of whoever. Roy
How ridiculous! It should be appealed …! maddi
next we’ll have meals on wheels for the mongrel mob Jack`
Typical PC rubbish from our judiciary they should all be made accountable and get in the real world Greg
We are all supposed to be subject to the law and that includes politicians, Maori and other ragger muffins. Can we get real? Peter
Disgusting! Ray
Yet again we have one law for one and another law for others. Richard
She needs to go Noel