Our Objectives

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As a result of our work in running the New Zealand Centre for Political Research think tank, and our long association with politics, we see first hand the emergence of a disillusionment in the way the political class operates in New Zealand and a mood for change. People are losing faith with establishment politics and are demanding a more responsive government.

New Zealanders want better from their politicians – being listened to once every three years in the run up to a general election is not enough. Representative democracy is meant to entail government of the people, by the people, for the people, but more and more it appears to have become government by politicians, for politicians!

Without a doubt, our politicians and governments are becoming more distant from the public. As a result of MMP, politicians have become more focussed internally as they maneuver for high list rankings from their party bosses. Parties themselves play tactical games aimed at securing coalition deals after an election.

The policies inflicted on the country as a result of political deal-making are regarded by the political class as collateral damage, even though the consequences of such political deals can be profound, as the ban on the smacking of children – that has significantly undermined parenting in this country – and the opening up of New Zealand’s coastline for tribal claims, demonstrate.

Around the world, public disillusioned with the political establishment is giving rise to new movements based on returning political power to the people.

New Zealand is not immune.

It’s time for a new way for politics. The time is 5PM.

A new movement – 5PM

Using the power of the internet, the time is right for a movement to be formed to return democracy and freedom to citizens.

The Five Principles Movement represents five fundamental beliefs that unite New Zealanders of all backgrounds.

These principles are based on democracy, equality, family, freedom, and opportunity.

Through people power, 5PM will force politicians to listen. Through people power, 5PM will change the future of New Zealand.