Voting Booth – Backbench MP’s Salary

Pay packet

Policy Proposal: Accepted


The majority of supporters (85%) agreed with the proposition that a backbench MP’s salary should be set at the average income level, so it has now been adopted as 5PM policy.

The total list of 5PM policy can be see on the POLICIES page.

PROPOSAL: Should 5PM support a backbench MP’s salary being set at 1.5 times the average individual income (approx $68,000) and indexed to annual changes in average income levels?

This proposal would not affect MP travel and accommodation allowances – details HERE.

A backbench MP’s salary should be linked to the average personal income to restore the element of public service to their job. This would create incentive for Parliamentarians across the political spectrum to push for policies that would help to grow the economy.
A backbench MP’s salary package should reflect the important role they have in society. It should continue to be determined by the Higher Salaries Commission. If society wants quality representatives they should be prepared to remunerate them appropriately.