Voting Booth – Changing the Local Electoral Act


Policy Proposal: 


The majority of supporters (98%) were in favour of introducing the right to a binding poll when a council is proposing to grant voting rights to unelected representatives, so it has become 5PM policy.


PROPOSAL: Should section 19ZB of the Local Electoral Act 2001 be amended to include the public’s right to demand a binding poll where a council is proposing to grant voting rights to unelected representatives?


At the present time citizens can force a binding referendum on any proposal to introduce Maori seats if 5% of electors support a petition to that effect. This proposal would use a similar provision to enable citizens to demand a vote if the council intends to appoint unelected representatives onto committees with voting rights.


Since appointing members to council committees changes constitutional arrangements and undermines the one-person-one-vote foundation of representative democracy, electors must have the right of challenge.
Elected councillors should have the discretion and autonomy to appoint anyone they like to council committees with voting rights. They are well informed and in a better position to understand what is in the best interests of their district.






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