Principle – Strong families are the bedrock of a nation. Children flourish in strong families, with parents who are committed to enabling them to achieve their potential in life. Strong families are the foundation of vibrant communities and a better society.

5PM supports policies that strengthen family life through quality social and community services:

  • excellence in education – through parental choice, where parents have the same choice over their children’s primary and secondary schooling as they have at pre-school and tertiary level
  • a world-class health care system that promotes good living
  • the on-going reform of welfare to eliminate the dependency trap and return welfare for the able-bodied to being a temporary safety net for those in need
  • a zero tolerance for crime to ensure that communities are safe places to raise a family
  • quality infrastructure delivered by well focused councils
  • common sense environmental policies that protect those things we wish to leave as a legacy for our children

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